Adventure and Tours

Nzulezo - Stilt Village

The enjoyment already starts with the ride in the local taxi taking you through interesting and diverse landscapes passing through traditional villages, rivers and magnificent beaches. Once in Beyin, where the Amansuri Wetlands are located, you will be paddled (you could help if you want) through the mangroves for about an hour until you reach an almost untouched and picturesque sweet water lake. Enjoy amazing views of the beauty and diversity of natural African landscapes before you reach the 600 years old village on stilts. For a donation of 7 GHC or a bottle of ¢ Castle Bridge¢ gin, the Chief (or his assistant) will personally welcome and greet you and tell you all about the history of the village. He will be grateful for a little donation in order to be able to send the kids of the village to school. Along the way you might be lucky to meet some fishermen who will gladly sell the tasty Tilapia fish, which upon your return to your Ghanaian hut will be prepared and served with yam or rice.
Note: This tour is extendable (an additional hour) by continuing to the crocodile lake.

Ride to Nzulezo: 1 hour in a taxi
Cost: 80 GHC per car (4 persons),
Canoe tour: 20 GHC per person
Duration: 5-6 hours for all

Once in Beyin, don´t miss to visit Fort Appolonia Museum...


Ankobra River Boat Trip

Dive into the mysterious world of the West African flora and fauna. The impressive ride in a Ghanaian motor boat on the Ankobra River will lead you through the mangrove jungle, a nursery for many species and is a truly impressive experience. The cries of the many different species of birds will accompany you while gliding on the green water. See and experience the life of the locals and their daily routine first hand. You will spend your break away from civilization in an original Ghanaian market. The colorful hustle and bustle and the originality of the available goods, will amaze you. The cordial friendliness of the Ghanaians as well as their smiling faces, despite the misery they have to cope with, will surely also touch your heart.
Note: This trip is organized by the government and therefore only available on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Departure time for the big tour is 7.00 am and for the short one it‘s up to you. For your comfort we recommend you bring a pillow that you can use in the boat, as you‘ll spend quite some time aboard if you go on the big tour.

Cost:       about 7 GHC per person for the big tour with the motor boat,
               20 GHC per person for the short tour with the canoe               
               (including  tour guide and paddler)
Duration: the big tour takes about 10 hrs (7.00 am to 6.00 pm approx.)
               the short tour takes about 2 hrs (without market visit)


Slave Fortress - Axim

Axim bears witness to one of the darkest chapters of Ghana's colonial past. From the portals of the slave fortress there, thousands of Africans were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean into the brutal fangs of slavery. The fort is the oldest of the country and still is in a very good condition to give you an insight to the past. You will be guided and told everything about the builder and the brutal trade with human beings which used to be so widely accepted in the past.

Cost:     6 GHC entrance fee + 15 GHC return trip
             (including waiting time)

Ride to Axim by taxi: 15 minutes, 10 GHC or 1 hour long pleasant walk along the beach


Kwame Nkrumah

A visit to the birthplace of Kwame Nkrumah in Nkroful is a beacon symbol of the birth of modern Ghana, indeed Africa. Nkrumah led Ghana to become the first independent African nation. This tour provides an in-depth perspective of this extraordinary man and his life.

Cost: 4 GHC entrance fee
30 GHC for the return trip for a group of 2 - 4 persons
Ride to Nkroful by taxi: 15 minutes
Duration: 1,5 hours


Ankasa Reserve

An emerging eco-consciousness has led to the establishment of 70 National Parks/Reserves in Ghana. In 1998, Mr Florian Wolfart, the builder of the resort, commenced the Roundtable Rainforest Seminar, which has played a major part in protecting this last piece of pure and untouched nature in Ghana from the aggressive wood industry.
The Ankasa National Park is one of these exemplary projects and is reachable in 1 hour by car from Ankobra. You will directly encounter the fascinating world of animal and plant life which is unique to the rainforest. Ankasa is one of the best preserved rainforests in Ghana and with its wealth of many different types of butterflies, plants, antelopes, giant snakes and more than 20 ape species it is extremely impressive. The Ankasa Education Trail imparts how vital the rainforest is to our own survival. You will return to Ankobra Beach with the jungle resting in your soul. A trail of 2 and of 7 hours with a professional guide is offered. They also have very simple and basic low budget accommodation in the middle of the jungle. However food is not provided and so is subject to your own arrangement and expense.
The best time to have a chance to observe the wildlife here is in the afternoon, between 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm. We recommend you make your plans accordingly.

Cost: 10 GHC entrance fee per person plus 3 GHC for the guide, per person and hour
70 GHC for the ride for a group of 1 - 4 persons
Ride to Ankasa by taxi


Arts and Drums

Upon request, we will organize creative arts and drum classes with local artists. These courses range from the simple construction of African drums to a rhythmic drumming class. Ankobra has original drums right here for you.
The costs depend on the number of participants and the duration of the classes. We kindly ask for your understanding that a downpayment will be necessary for confirmation.


Eliza Carthago

Experience Ghana's lush fauna through various trails within the Ankobra Beach Resort grounds.
Climb the gentle slope of the Ankobra Beach Mountain and you will be rewarded with an amazing view of the surrounding ocean which embraces the mountain from three sides. This is the point where the Ankobra river flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The steady incline warms you with jungle sensation and cools you with wonderous West African plant life.
Enjoy the view from the top of the mountain, you can see about 40 km of coastline, the fishing village Ankobra as well as the Ankobra river. Unbelievably beautiful and breathtaking! Once at the summit you will see the fundaments of the ruins of a military institution called Fort Eliza Carthago which was built in 1623 by the British in order to protect Axim. If you are lucky you might encounter the resorts very own monkeys, snakes, flying foxes, zibethcats, crocodiles and antelopes.
Cost: none
You will be led by a tour guide from the resort


Ankobra River and Mangroves

A walk along the Ankobra River spirits you into the daily life of local Ghanaians. You will meet roadside vendors plying their goods from large baskets and carts. You will see banana plants and gaze out over fields of cassava, perhaps a stagnant pool where a vulture waits to get lucky. This trail leads you to a bridge which offers excellent views of the Ankobra River,with its grand lagoon and the small fishing village of Ankobra. The tour guide will take you to a Ghanaian boat and you will be paddled through the magnificent mangroves. Admire the beautiful icebirds as well as many other tropical animals. You will visit a typical family and see how they manage their every day life in the middle of the jungle. Attend the very common schnapps destillation and take the chance to taste the best local gin, the Appathessie (70% alc.), which is comparable to Grappa. This gin though is made of palm wine.

Cost: 20 GHC per person
Duration: 3 hours approx.


Turtle Observation

Even at night there is a lot going on at Ankobra Beach. Plenty different species of turtles come to shore to lay their eggs between September and January. Our Security personnel have been trained to guide you and make you, our guests, part of this wonderful and exciting process. Ankobra Beach has taken the responsibility to protect the turtles, so the observation of this unique event is possible and controllable. With a night walk your chances to witness the turtles activites are very high. Depending on the kind of turtle, the procedure may take up to 3 hours.
Cost: 10 GHC per person for the nightwalk - no guarantees and no refunds!


Princess Town and Fort Groß Friedrichsburg

Princess Town, also known as ‘Prince’s Town’, and by its local name ‘Pokesu’ or ‘Bokaso’, is best known as the site of the elegant Brandenburg-built Fort Gross Friedrichsburg, constructed in 1683. The once-ruined Fort Gross Friedrichsburg has been partially restored, and it now serves as a tourist attraction and a rest house.
Take a guided tour of Fort Gross Friedrichsburg and hear the history of the Brandenburgers’ involvement in trade along the west coast. You will also hear about the legend of the ‘Black Prussian’ John Connie (also known as Jon Conny, John Conny or John Couny), a local merchant-chief who defended the fort against the Dutch and the British. Enjoy the fort’s unique Germanic exposed stone architecture
Extend your stay and enjoy a relaxed canoe ride on the Ehunli Lagoon. Keep your eyes open: you might see some monkeys and crocodiles on your trip!

Cost: 1 GHC entrance fee + 2 GHC for the tour guide
Taxi ride: 40 GHC return trip (including waiting time)
50 GHC return trip with canoe ride
Duration: 3 hours approx.
4 hours approx. with the canoe ride



If you enjoy fishing then this surely is the right activity for you. Experienced fishermen will take you to specific areas where you can easily find species, such as Barracuda, Red Snapper and Grooper. Spend a relaxed day with nothing else but the melody of the ocean surrounding you. Show what a great fisherman you are and bring your own dinner back home (of course the fish will be yours for free)!
Cost: 20 GHC per person
Lifejackets and equipment will be provided
Departures: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays at 10.00 am


Get creative and participate in our beading workshop! Design your own style necklaces, bracelets and more. We use beautiful glass pearls which are unique to Ghana/Africa.
This means fun for kids and adults! (We will only charge for the materials used)
We also organize various creative workshop for kids, according to their age group. Please contact us at reception for further information.


The European Surf Masters were here and confimed Ankobra Beach
 as one of the best beaches to learn on!



Traditional dancers and drummers from Ankobra will be happy to dance and drum for you. They will come in a group of 10 to 15 dancers and charge only 5 GHC per dancer for the show. We will take care of the big bong fire on the beach.