If you fly KLM, TAB, LH, Turkish Airline, Alitalia or Emirates you will most probably land in the evening hours. It is recommended to exchange some money, at least for the first few days, right at the airport or to have US Dollars or € on your person. There are now more and more ATM machines all over Ghana. If you would like to avoid carrying too much cash, you should definitely have your credit card (preferrably VISA/Master).  Traveller’s Cheques are hardly accepted anywhere!!! Credit Cards are subject to a 6% transaction fee everywhere.

We have recieved a lot of complaints about flying with turkish airlines. We apologise for saying so but about 80 % of luaggage does not arrive on time and after all that trouble you will have a hard time getting it delivered to wherever you are staying, unless you carry all the cost! If you have to spend another night or two in Accra waiting for your lost luaggage you´ll know what we mean...

Inland Flights Easy and cheap!

Due to the partly insufficient and bad local road conditions you should avoid travelling at night. Take it easy, enjoy your arrival and relax in one of our selected partner hotels, which, upon agreement, will be happy to pick you up from the airport free of charge. If you arrive during the day you could easily catch a cheap flight with Antrak Air or Starbow for 50 - 70 USD. The earliest flight leaves from Accra at 7 am, last one at 5 pm. and it will take you just half an hour to get to Takoradi, Kumasi or Tamale. From Takoradi it´s one and a half hour drive to us.
We can send you a taxi for 40 usd to pick you up.
If you book a room here, we do ticketing for you - 15 ghc service fee per person and flight.

Lodge in Accra closed to the airport

If you arrive late at night in Accra we recommend according to our personal opinion, Esther´s Hotel  or Lavender Lodge - which are both very closed situated to the airport with free pick up service. Both are familiar places where the owners are around and there is nothing to complain about... Esther´s Hotel facilities are more comfortable, she loves flowers, peacocks, art craft and does the best breakfast you can get between here and Germany.... It is very clean and offers all kinds of amenities.
If you arrive earlier and you want to go out still, we recommend you stay in Osu at Roots Hotel. Very tastful, comfortable, high standards, friendly staff and an exciting breakfast on the roof with an amazing few over Osu. Rooms available between 120 - $ 200.
Please ask for Ankobra Special Discount and you´ll get 10 %

Transport and Timing suggestions

Spend the night there, have your breakfast and have them take you to the bus station STC, or even better ADB, very early in the morning, at 5.00 am if possible. Departing in the early morning hours will help you avoid the awful traffic in Accra. There are modern buses with air condition leaving hourly and regularly for just USD 9 and taking you to Takoradi within three-four hours approximately.
ADB, STC or Diplomat Transport busses are the most modern and reliable version of Ghanaian bus traffic.

In order to avoid seemingly endless (several hours) traffic jams caused by the busy and chaotic traffic in Accra it is recommended to start the journey as early as possible. Upon request and for a charge of 80 GHC, we will pick you up from the bus station in Takoradi. There are also taxis available. If you need a car from Accra to come here we can help you.
Another alternative is the local minibus (Tro Tro) in direction Essiama/Elubo. It always leaves as soon as it’s full and that may take between 30 minutes to an hour and also involves lengthy procedures of people getting off and on along the route. However it costs just 8 GHC per person approx. and takes you to our junction. From that point it’s just about 600 m walk to the resort - if you call the office we will come to pick you up!
Of course you could take a taxi directly from Accra to Ankobra Beach and pay about 200 usd. In Accra you also have the possibility to rent a car. However please bear in mind that not knowing the country, it would be better to let the locals take care of the driving. The Ghanaians have their own ideas of traffic which is in no way comparable to the European or American way.

Providing you leave Accra in the early morning hours, you will still have half a day to enjoy the resort: the beach, the sea, the sun, the culinary delights and so much more.